Complete characteristics of AOL to MS Outlook Migration tool:

Migrate AOL to Outlook

AOL database file called PFC(Personal cabinet filing) file data can be easily converted PST file of Outlook. Then it is imported into Outlook to access the data of AOL.

4 more options to convert PFC

This tool provides four more options i.e MSG. EML, MBOX and PDF file. Any of these options can be select to export the PFC file.

Support to batch Export of AOL PFC file

All the PFC file of AOL desktop application can be added one by one to software and software provides the facility to migrate them individually or in bulk.

Migration of Selective folders and items

Relevant folder and items of PFC can be selected manually to export into various formats so that there will be no delay because of unnecessary items which users do not need in Outlook.

Option to filter PFC Mails

This software gives the option to filter mails of PFC before migrating it to Outlook. You can set a date range within which mails are required for migration.

Various Conventions for Naming File

While converting pfc to eml and msg file, this tool gives the multiple naming conventions to save the mails in different format so that it is easily recognisable.

Supports to Windows

AOL PFC migration utility is supported to only Windows there comes no compatiblity issues regarding this. This tool supports to Windows 10 and all below versions.

Watch the video to learn how to migrate AOL Desktop to Outlook

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool converts PFC file to PST format without Outlook in machine?
To move AOL PFC file to Outlook PST format, MS Outlook must be installed and configured in the machine.
I have PFC file in my machine but AOL is not installed. Can I migrate my PFC file to Outlook PST file?
Yes, there is no need of installation of AOL application to switching from AOL to Outlook using this software.
How to migrate a large PFC file to Outlook without harming any data?
This tool provides the option to apply filter on mails, so that unnecessary items and mails can be discarded while migrating to other platform.

Technical Overview

PFC is called Personal Filing Cabinet. It is a file format used by America Online to store and organize favorites, emails, contact details locally in hard drive. Each AOL username have different PFC associated with them which is accessible only by AOL Software. Many other applications also uses the.pfc extension like Pegasus Mail and Corel WordPerfect. Location of PFC File in Windows 7 and its later versions is: C:\ProgramData\AOL\C_AOL Desktop (version)\backup.

Problem issues in AOL:

A major issue in AOL PFC file is that it is not accessible by any other computer even after login as a guest user to AOL Desktop. The second issue to be concerned is that when the AOL is uninstalled from the machine, the PFC file also gets deleted along with its. So it is important to make a regular backup of PFC file. But these backup PFC file cannot be viewed in absence of AOL software. So the only solution is to use some commercial utility to overcome these problems.

The above stated problems of AOL PFC leads to migrate the users from AOL to other platforms. Since MS Outlook is growing its reputation by users and leading email application in business organisations so users prefer more to move on Outlook. As it is almost imposssible to move your PFC files to Outlook data file manually so the only solution is to use a third party tool to migrate from AOL Desktop to Outlook.