Entire features and attributes of Groupwise to Outlook Migrator software

Migrate Groupwise Mailbox items to Outlook

Groupwise Mailbox consists of items like Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, to-do list in which either all items can be migrated or only desired selective items can be moved to Outlook Data file.

Selective migration of Groupwise Mailboxes

After providing all credentials of Groupwise server and Admin, this tool will provide the list of all Mailboxes from which user can select the mailboxes which they want to migrate.

Option to filter Emails

For selective migration of mails to pst file,there is a feature by using that you can apply a date based filter and set a interval from which you want to migrate selected groupwise mailboxes mails to MS Outlook.

Filtering of Calendars

Like Emails filters, Groupwise to Outlook Migrator tool provides the same option for Calendars also. By using filter you can set the particular interval for migration of Calendars to MS Outlook PST file.

Options to Exclude Folder

The software gives the option by which you can remove the folders for migration which do not have any important data. You can also eliminate the Sent items and Deleted Items folder for migration so that important items could be migrated fastly.

Preserves HTML formatting

By selecting HTML formatting option software will make sure to maintains the original formatting of contacts, calendars and emails.

Video explains the procedure to migrate Groupwise Mailbox to MS Outlook

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I login to tool with any User Groupwise account credentials?
No, you can login only by providing Novell Server IP Address and its Admin Credentials.
Can I switch from Groupwise to MS Outlook without Outlook installation in my machine?
No, Outlook must be installed in your machine to migrate Groupwise Mailbox to Outlook PST format.
Is this tool create single PST of all Groupwise Mailboxes?
This tool creates the individual different PST for each and every Groupwise Mailboxes.
Can I migrate my Novell Groupwise 8.0 Mailboxes to Outlook 2016?
Yes, to migrate Groupwise 8.0 mailbox you can use Groupwise 8.0 converter tool and it will create the Unicode PST file which can be imported to Outlook 2013 and later versions.

A short Outline on Novell Groupwise

Groupwise is an email client developed by Novell which supports secure email, personal information management, calendaring, instant messaging and document management services.
Groupwise can also be accessed on Web by providing login credentials of Account.

Main issue with Groupwise:

It has following and many more syncing issues with the Groupwise Mobile Connector Service.

  • New contacts assigned in an Address book in Mobile Device or in Address book that does not exist in Groupwise, it might not be able to synchronize back to Groupwise.
  • If a contact get copied from one Address book to another it does not get synchronized in mobile device at Destination Address book.
  • If a new contact picture is added from Mobile device and if in case the picture exceeds the size limit of Groupwise then it does not Synchronize with Groupwise.
  • Folders like shared folders, sent items, find results, junk mail, trash, documents do not synchronize to mobile device.

These syncing issues lead to switch user from Novell Groupwise to another Platform. Users generally use MS Outlook for Mailing and Calendaring services. So Groupwise Migrator tool is used to migrate the Groupwise Mailbox to MS Outlook PST format.