Complete characteristics of licensed version of G Suite/Google Apps Backup

Complete Migration of Google Apps data

This Google Apps to Outlook migrator software allows to save all items of Google account like emails, calendars, contacts and documents in your personal computer. All the meta properties like: To, Cc, Bcc etc remain maintained.

Conversion of Emails in 4 formats

You can save the Google Apps emails in 4 different formats i.e EML( importable in Windows Mail, Windows Live Email, Outlook express etc.), MSG( can import it in MS Outlook), PST(can be imported in all versions of Outlook), MBOX(can be imported in Thunderbird, Entourage etc).

Migration of Contacts and Calendar

Like Emails, you can also migrate your Google Apps account contacts to vCard format and calendars to .ics format which is supported by various applications.

Saves all google docs

All the documents of latest version of Google Docs like spreadsheets, presentations, drawings etc save into MS Office compatible formats. All the original formatting style will remain intact even after migration.

Transfer Single user or Domain user

This tool provides two different options to migrate Google Apps account:
Single account migration: To migrate single user you will need to provide individual user name and password.
Domain user migration: To migrate all the users of a single domain you will need to provide the essential credentials of Admin account.

Date based filter for Emails Migration

To move the Google Apps Emails to Outlook Account you can set a date range for migrating some specific interval mails. You need to set "From" and "To" date and the migration will take place only for specified date interval.

Free up space from cloud

The software allows you to delete data from Cloud i.e Google Apps account after migration. You may select this option which will delete the data from cloud simultaneously after complete migration. This saves the space of cloud after migrating to different platform..

Display progress report

While migration all the items with its counts details will be shown by the tool so you can have preview how speedily the migration is taking place. And the details include are: User name, Email count, Calendar count, Contact count, Document count and status.

Pause and resume migration

The basic need for the Google Apps to Outlook migration is continuous Internet connection. You can pause and resume the process between the migration process. In case Internet connection get cut in during migration, the tool will automatically make the process paused and you can continue when you will have Internet connection.

Maintained folder structure

This Google Apps to MS Outlook migration tool keeps the hierarchy of folder intact even after migration same as it was before migration. This feature makes the user easy to identify the location of their particular data.

Play the Video of Google Apps to Outlook migration tool for Better Understanding

Frequently Asked Question

If this software stores the users and admin credentials anywhere? Is it secure?
No need to worry about your credential leakage as this software do not save the account credentials anywhere we need the credentials only to login into your account. The migration procedure can be performed in a very secured manner.
Can I save my complete Gsuite account data to my local machine?
Yes this tool provides you the four different formats to save the Google account data to your local system. The 4 different file formats are: EML, MSG, MBOX, PST.
Does this supports Windows 10?
Yes you can use this tool for moving Google app to Outlook on any versions of Windows i.e Windows 10, 8 7 and other below versions.
Can I use this tool in my Mac machine?
No, this tool does not supports to Mac machine as it is a Window based tool.
Do we need to install outlook for Google App to Outlook PST migration?
Yes, it is necessary to have MS Outlook installation in your machine to move Google app data to MS Outlook.

A brief Technical Overview of Google Apps

Gsuite consists of Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and Google+ for communication, Google Drive for storage and Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Sites for collaboration. These features are free to use but for adding enterprise features such as for custom email addresses and unlimited data storage. The main advantage of using Google Apps is that it is easily accessible anywhere you just need to make a single login. It is very much affordable for business users.

Disadvantages of Google Apps:

  • The biggest drawback of Gsuite is that for using office services of Google Apps the system requires Internet connectivity to function. If you lost Internet connection you will not be able to access the data. For using the applications with high bandwidth like video conferencing etc you will need to have the fastest internet connection.
  • You can lost to access of Google Apps data in case Google suffers server outage, it can affect all your documents and business information. If the server outage there is backup for your data.